Getting ready for a giant leap: Leadership as a contact sport

Why learn leadership as a student and as a professional?

Leadership skills are needed in all walks of life to prove one’s potential. As a student, when you start learning leadership skills, your potential to assume a leadership role enhances manifold early in your career. Therefore, it is all about acquired leadership skills meeting an opportunity to address the currently prevailing leadership gap in the institutions, organizations both in the government and private sector. 

Those professionals who are in leadership positions in educational institutions e.g. universities and colleges, it is important for them to realize that effective educational leadership and enhanced organizational performance and ratings are strongly associated with each other. Physicians are the inevitable leaders of a healthcare team. In addition, other health professionals such as nurses, or allied health sciences professionals, are also entrusted with leadership roles. How to do justice with extra-ordinary expectations from them, is something to be learnt. Therefore, developing an implementable vision, decision making in the face of ambiguity, handling challenging situations, taking pressures, and meeting expectations are all those leadership skills that can improve one’s credibility as a leader.

Following is the range of courses available to empower the potential learners in leadership skills in a variety of contexts:

  • Enhancing your Potential as a Student: Learning leadership skills

This 2-day course is designed to engage you in experiential learning of leadership skills by accomplishing challenging tasks that will help you solve real life problems and enable you in making decisions in highly unpredictable situations.  

  • Educational Leadership: Taking your institution/organization to newer heights

Educational leadership has different challenges than leadership in general. Therefore, this 2-day course is tailored to the leadership needs of health professionals in higher academic positions, keeping in mind their busy schedules. Hence, this course is organized on weekends only and it is based on work-based experiential learning opportunities.

  • Leading a Healthcare Team

This 2-day course is meant to train physicians in leadership skills that are essential for a hospital context by engaging course participants in work-based experiential learning projects.

  • Leadership for Health Professionals

This 2-day course is designed to give hands-on experience of successfully dealing with leadership challenges that may be encountered every now and then at the workplace.